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Citizens, afghan allies and their families, women, ngo employees, journalists, and. On the australian sanctions regime.

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Since the president took the commendable step of deploying a surge to afghanistan in 2009, we have.

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White house press release afghanistan. Press briefing by press secretary jen. I have a couple of items for all of you at the top. Citizens, afghan allies and their families, women, ngo employees, journalists, and others from afghanistan.

Leaders of the group of 20 major economies agreed tuesday on the need for the international community to work together to address the humanitarian crisis in afghanistan and promote human rights in the country including for women and ethnic minorities, the white house said. October 31, 2021 • statements and. Senate armed services committee (sasc), and u.s.

Readout of president biden’s meeting with president recep tayyip erdogan of turkey. Committee decided wednesday to delay action on requests by myanmar’s military junta and afghanistan’s taliban rulers to take their countries’ seats at the united nations. Joint statement on the syria special envoy meeting.

And, in fact, afghans continue to step up. Congress to ease sanctions and release afghanistan’s assets as the country faces. Islamabad (ap) — the taliban on wednesday urged the u.s.

White house press secretary jen psaki said monday that it was not the biden administration's intention to arm the taliban with billions of dollars in. September 03, 2021 senators ask white house for details on afghanistan evacuation strategies. White house press secretary jen psaki held a briefing to discuss the situation in afghanistan as well as other news of the day.

Afghanistan has an elected government, but it is undermined by corruption and has difficulty delivering basic services to its people. This is also not america’s mission alone. The economy is undercut by a booming narcotics trade that encourages criminality and funds the insurgency.

Earlier today, i was briefed by our senior military and national security leaders on the status of the drawdown of u.s. October 31, 2021 • statements and releases. The announcement by the chair of the general assembly’s credentials committee means that the ambassadors from the former governments in myanmar and afghanistan will remain in their jobs.

And thanks for joining us on short notice. April 13, 2021 • press briefings.

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