Miyabi Sports The lemons shark poke: Where are the sharks?

The lemons shark poke: Where are the sharks?

The phrase “lemon shark poke” is the catchphrase of the PokerStars, the world’s biggest online poker site.

The phrase was popularized by poker player Daniela Sosa, who had a series of catchphrases that started with a joke about the shark and ended with a word.

After the phrase became a meme, Sosa started making jokes about the lemons in her videos.

Now, Sazon and her husband have taken the lemony shark poke to a new level.

Sazon’s husband, the poker pro Michael, told The Associated Press that they started making lemon shark poke on the night before the first round of the World Series of Poker at Barclays Center in New York on Tuesday night.

The Sazons took their joke and expanded it into an actual joke that included a pun and a pun on the phrase “bovadas poker” that is a Spanish word for “billionaire.”

The two then added an added twist: a word about the famous lemons they caught.

The couple was hoping for a huge crowd to see them, but the crowd was mostly empty.

“It’s like, you know, if we didn’t have the lemens we’d be out of luck,” Sazon said.

They did not catch the sharks, but they caught the lemmens.

“They are amazing creatures, especially those that eat lemons,” Michael Sazon, the husband, said.

“We’re just happy to have them here.”

Sazon told the AP she is hoping to make more lemons sharks in the future.

“Maybe it’ll just become a thing,” she said.

The shark poke is an ironic reference to Sosa’s catchphrase, which is derived from the word “bavis” or “bax.”

Sosa and her family made the lemma shark poke while playing a round of online poker at Barclays during a weekend tournament in September 2015.

Sosa is a professional poker player who has won more than $2.5 million on her own, with her husband, Michael, who is also a professional.

The family has a passion for the sport, and they are fans of lemons.

“This is the one thing that makes us happy,” Michael said.