Miyabi Sports The ‘Poker Face’ of Donald Trump: Meet the New Boss in the White House

The ‘Poker Face’ of Donald Trump: Meet the New Boss in the White House

POKER FACE OF DONALD TRUMP: Meet President-elect Donald Trump’s new boss, Micki Pyle.

“Micki Poke” is a popular character on American TV shows and is featured in many cartoons.

But her popularity has been in decline, with her popularity trending downward during the first month of the Trump administration.

But she’s still a favorite of the “Pokerface” crowd.

The new boss is MickiPoke, a.k.a.

“The Poker Face,” a popular comic character who has become the butt of jokes on television.

She’s now the new face of Trump, and she’s got her own Twitter account.

She posted an Instagram photo of herself with her husband and daughter.

Here’s a preview of what she posted: “Good morning!

Happy New Year.

My name is Mick, and I’m the Poker Face!

Here are some pics from my new office.

We have a big smile and a good laugh.

Thanks for your support, ladies and gentlemen!”

The new White House communications director, Karen Dunn, tweeted that Micki is “happy to be back with her fans.”

And while the poker face is still on the air, Mick’s social media presence has dropped drastically.

The last time we checked, she was no longer using Twitter.

But we found some photos on her Twitter account of her playing poker with her family, including a photo of her at a poker table with her daughters, the youngest wearing a “Walking Dead” T-shirt.

We don’t know what her real job is, but Micki has been a favorite character on “Poke,” and we can’t wait to meet her in the Oval Office.

She even appeared on “The Real Housewives of New York City” last year.

The latest episode of “The Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday at 8 p.m.

ET on Bravo.