Miyabi Casino When a video of a Pokemon trainer’s pet pokemon gets the go-ahead to go viral, the Internet reacts

When a video of a Pokemon trainer’s pet pokemon gets the go-ahead to go viral, the Internet reacts

Pokemon GO, a game that lets players catch, train and battle fictional creatures on the virtual planet of Pokemonsthere, has become a hit in Japan.

The game, which was released last month, has sparked a wave of hype and has been downloaded more than 200 million times in Japan alone.

A new video that went viral on social media on Tuesday shows a young trainer training her Pokémon on a playground.

As the player runs through the playground with her Pikachu, a voice over narrates, “the moment of its arrival, they all rush towards it with their heads raised.”

The video then shows a girl holding a Poké Ball in her hand, the screen flashes with the words, “The moment of arrival of Pokemon Go!”

The game was launched in Japan on September 11, making it the first major Japanese smartphone game to receive worldwide play in a year.

The video sparked widespread reactions from players in Japan, with many saying they wanted to capture Pokemon GO trainers to give them an opportunity to earn real money.

While there were many who agreed with the sentiments, there were some who said the video was disrespectful to their Pokémon trainers and that it was wrong for the trainer to be shown in such a negative light.

The player in the video, who goes by the name “Nomis,” is seen in the game with Pikachu, who is a trainer in the main game.

In a statement, Nintendo said it “regrets the video’s message and encourages people to consider the real message of the game.”

“Pokémon GO is a fun and engaging experience, and the trainer in this video is simply doing their best to capture them, rather than creating the illusion of a Pokémon trainer,” the statement added.

“We understand the importance of the trainer’s privacy and respect their choice to remain anonymous.”

The game is now available for the Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Japanese video was posted by the game’s YouTube channel.

The Pokemon Go trainer is seen on a screen with Pikachu.

Nomisen has yet to respond to a request for comment from Quartz.