Miyabi Virtuals How the world poker Tour is making a killing in India, with a hand poke tattoo

How the world poker Tour is making a killing in India, with a hand poke tattoo

A hand poke is a tattoo that you get on your arm or hand in which you poke a hand with a needle.

It is not the same tattoo as a tattoo on your body, and the hand poke has no relation to the tattoo you are currently getting.

However, the world tour that has been running in India for a year now, with many fans wearing the handpoke tattoo, is turning into a cash cow.

In a recent article by Indian business daily The Hindu, a tattoo parlour owner named Arun Shastri, was revealed as the chief executive officer of the tour, which is now in its ninth year in India.

Arun Shathri is a well-known tattoo artist in Mumbai and is known to have done a handpoke on a lot of people.

He has even done the handpokes for the Indian national team.

“This is my biggest dream in life,” said Shathrik.

“I wanted to make money for my family and for my clients and also to build up a brand.

I have done about 50 handpicks and have got good feedback from my clients.

The only reason I have kept doing it is because my customers are very generous and I have to make sure that my customers get the best possible service,” he said.

Aran Shathricki.

Image: @sagarajit_saravasariShathricky has worked with Indian players on the world tours.

He is also an avid golfer.

He told the Hindu that the hand pokes were a way to raise money for his clients, and he has been able to earn a decent living for the last two years.

“I got the idea of doing this from a friend of mine who was in the business for 30 years and he told me to get in touch with some other business owners in Mumbai.

I contacted them and got them to do handpoking,” said Aran.

“This is the only way I can earn my living now.

I am very proud of the hand paddle tattoos.

It gives my clients a sense of pride,” he added.

Aruns handpokers are made from silicone, which allows them to be made of a durable material.

They are made of gold, silver and copper and are priced at about Rs 50,000 ($7,500).

The handpoker also comes with a protective layer to stop the tattoo from drying out and also the logo of the business.

Handpokers have also been made in India since the early 1990s, and they are known as “gongtongs” in the country.

But in 2017, a group of people called The Bandhans group started a campaign called “Punjab Handpokers”, which called for the ban of handpoked animals in the state.

This campaign was successful and soon after, the government banned handpoke tattoos in the city of Jalandhar.

The Handpokes are also a popular product in other parts of the world.

In the UK, the Tattoo Parlour is a major retailer of handpoke tattoos.

In 2016, a number of companies started selling handpokens in India including Dior, Nike, and Vans.

The products range from handpops to “hand-sized” wristwatches.

In India, they are usually made of silver, and come in a range of colours, including green, blue, purple, brown and grey.

Handpoke tattoos are also popular in Australia, New Zealand, and some European countries.