Miyabi Casino Why you need to buy poker apps for Android, Apple News

Why you need to buy poker apps for Android, Apple News

Apple has added poker apps to its app store in response to the Black Friday massacre that killed five people and wounded scores of others.

The announcement, made in a blog post Thursday, states that the apps are available to purchase “on-demand.”

The app developers, according to Apple, “can choose from a variety of poker game styles, poker chips, table layouts, and tournaments.”

Poker players can choose from “the best of the best” in a range of games, including:Casino, PokerStars, Poker Stars Plus, and PokerStars Live.

The apps are also compatible with iPhones and iPads, though users can still use the same poker apps from the Apple App Store if they don’t have an Apple TV or iPad.

The announcements comes on the heels of a similar move by Google earlier this month that made the company the first to make apps compatible with Apple TV and other Apple devices.

Apple had previously made a similar announcement earlier this year, though it was not specifically linked to Black Friday.