Miyabi Poker AUSTRALIAN TOURNAMENT STARTS NOW with Australian Tour Nuke


AUSTRIA TOURNAMS BEGINING TODAY with Australian tours, with the first four coming online today.

The first four Australian TourNuke Australian tour dates will start on Saturday, February 10 and run through to February 18.

In total, six tours will be in action, with three in Perth, one in Adelaide and one in Melbourne.

Tickets are still available for the first three Australian TourTourNuke tours, and they will be available at the door until Saturday, March 15.

Australian TourNukes are the result of a partnership between the Australian Rugby League (ARL) and the Australian Government, with support from the Department of Health.

The new Australian TourNTN’s first season will be a four-year series with 12 rounds, featuring nine tour matches, eight round wins and six round losses.

This is the second year in a row that the first two rounds will be played out online.

For more on the ARL and the ARLC, click here.

AUSTRALIA TOURNTNKS ON TOUR NOW:Australian TourNTNs have now been played online since December 3, 2017.

The first two AustralianTourNTNs were played on Saturday February 10 in Perth and Adelaide.

The fourth Australian Tour NTN, featuring the winner of the first Australian TourntnK in Brisbane, will be held on February 18 in Melbourne, with a full-strength tour of Australia on February 20.