Miyabi Sports Which NBA team has the best fans?

Which NBA team has the best fans?

ESPN’s SportsCenter has ranked the NBA’s best fans and the league’s best players, based on their fan bases and how they react to their teams.

Here’s how the top 10 teams are ranked:1.

New Orleans PelicansThe Pelicans are a fun bunch of guys to follow.

They’re not only fun to follow but they’re also good at what they do.

Their fan base has grown from the team’s inaugural year of 2012 to now, and their fan base is now larger than ever.

If you’re a Pelicans fan, you’ve probably heard of their great arena, the Smoothie King Center.

They’ve made a lot of strides in the past few years, and they’ve gotten to the playoffs in consecutive years, which is an accomplishment that’s been tough to accomplish with a team that has a reputation for being a grind-it-out team.2.

Atlanta HawksThe Hawks’ fans are awesome, too.

They are awesome.

I think the Hawks are probably the best fan base in the league right now, especially since their fans have become much more loyal over the past couple years.3.

Houston RocketsThe Rockets are awesome fans.

They play their home games in the Staples Center, and you get to watch the game on a big screen at the NRG Center.

The team’s fandom has grown dramatically over the last couple years, with a larger fan base than most teams in the NBA.

Houston’s fanbase is a bit smaller than other teams’, but it’s still bigger than the NBA average.4.

Sacramento KingsThe Kings are the best-liked franchise in the world.

I’m going to say that now, because it’s a lot to say.

But I can’t think of a better way to introduce myself than by saying that they’re awesome fans, because they love their team, and that’s what they’ve done so well for the last three years.

They have fans who love their organization and fans who want to see the Kings win titles.5.

Oklahoma City ThunderThe Thunder are a pretty cool bunch of people.

Their fans are very loyal and supportive of their organization.

They also make great movie posters and have a fan club, which I can appreciate.6.

Portland Trail BlazersThe Blazers have fans that really enjoy their team.

They get to travel to places like Las Vegas and Denver for their games and fans that can’t get enough of their team’s home games.

The Blazers are a little smaller than some teams in this list, but they have a loyal fan base.7.

Miami HeatThe Heat fans are the coolest fans I’ve ever met.

They travel to games at AmericanAirlines Arena and they have fan groups for every position on the floor.

They love their arena, which makes them even more cool.8.

Atlanta FalconsThe Falcons are a cool bunch.

They go to their games at Philips Arena in Atlanta, and there are a lot more Falcons fans than there are fans for any other team in the NFL.

They actually make a movie poster for every player.9.

Portland RocketsThe Trail Blazers are awesome and they’re fun to root for, but you should definitely keep in mind that there’s a chance you’ll end up rooting for a team at least once during your lifetime.

You know how it is when you watch a team play.10.

San Antonio SpursThe Spurs are awesome fan bases.

I mean, they’re probably one of the nicest teams in basketball.

They keep their fans involved in the game.

Their stadium is awesome.

You can watch the NBA Finals from the stands in the rafters of the new AT&T Center.