Miyabi Virtuals Malibu poke: The $2,500 lottery win makes me a loser

Malibu poke: The $2,500 lottery win makes me a loser

I have to admit, the Malibu Poker Pokes are pretty awesome.

But this one?

I think it’s even better.

It’s the $2.5 million prize I won in the Fortune Poker Powerball jackpot last night. 

The winning player got $2 million.

But not only did I win $2M, I also won $2K, $1M, and $800,000.

So, you know, a little luck and good fortune.

As you can see in the photo above, I don’t have a lot of money left.

But I still won big.

The other $2 Million winner won a nice little apartment in Malibu.

And now, that apartment is yours. 

As for the winnings, I’m actually a little sad that I had to sell this thing.

I was just so thrilled when I got the jackpot, but I’m glad I didn’t have to sell it.

I’m still going to rent it out for a few weeks, and maybe I’ll even use the money to pay off some debt or pay for my kids to go to college.

But for now, I just had to move on. 

So, what does this win mean for you?

Well, if you win the $5 million jackpot at the Malubitly Poker Power, you’ll be able to play a few more rounds of poker with a bunch of different partners.

You’ll also get to play more Powerball games with new friends who have won the jackpots.

And, I guess that’s the most important thing right now.

You don’t need to spend money on the Powerball to win a million bucks.

That’s what I was talking about with the Malibits.

The Powerball is great for the whole family, and it’s a lot easier to play than other forms of poker.

If you win, you’re still a winner.

But if you don’t, I hope you have fun playing with some of the other lucky people in the Malbits family. 

[Thanks to Michael for the tip.]